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NBA Rewind: Hot Shots / Cold Shots

Sure, basketball is a team game... but individual performances can still spell the difference between playoff success and failure. In this feature, we take a look at the players who made the biggest impact, good or bad, on the day's results. Which player made the most efficient use of his offensive touches to help his team win the game? Which player's misses cost his team a shot at victory?

Here's what we've got...

Let us know how we did. Did we choose the right guys? Who would you add or subtract?

HOT SHOT - Dwyane Wade

46 Points

Field Goal Selection
Layups: 4-6
Jumpers: 8-14
Dunks: 4-4
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 16-24
3FG: 5-7
FT: 9-14

HOT SHOT - LeBron James

37 Points

Field Goal Selection
Layups: 0-0
Jumpers: 10-16
Dunks: 1-1
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 11-17
3FG: 6-9
FT: 9-10

HOT SHOT - George Hill

29 Points

Field Goal Selection

Layups: 0-1
Jumpers: 11-15
Dunks: 0-0
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 11-16
3FG: 5-6
FT: 2-2

HOT SHOT - Carlos Boozer

31 Points

Field Goal Selection
Layups: 8-9
Jumpers: 4-9
Dunks: 1-1
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 13-19
3FG: 0-0
FT: 5-9

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Celtics-Heat: Game 1 Simulation

Dwyane Wade played well, but Kevin Garnett played better.

In our third simulation of the day, Boston gets it done down the stretch. Despite having five players reach double digits, the Heat struggled to score from behind the arc. Garnett led the Celtics charge, going off for 28 points and 10 boards.

2KSports.com has been nice enough to help us run the show, using full-length game simulations on NBA2K10.


Game Stats

Celtics stats

Heat stats

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NBA Quarterfinals: Key Matchups

By Ken Berger , Senior Writer

Preview Links: Eastern Breakdown | West Breakdown | Bracket & Schedule   Video Previews: East | West

Eastern Conference

Cavaliers vs. Bulls

Cavs’ bench vs. Bulls’ bench. As superior as Cleveland will be with LeBron James on the floor, the Cavs’ second unit (J.J. Hickson, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Anderson Varejao, Jamario Moon) may have an even bigger advantage over the Bulls’ lackluster subs.

Magic vs. Bobcats

Dwight Howard vs. every center Larry Brown has ever coached. Well, it only seems that way with Nazr Mohammad and Theo Ratliff among the big men Brown can send at Howard in waves – mostly just to foul him. Between putting Howard (a 59 percent free-throw shooter) on the line and forcing the Magic to become to 3-point happy, Brown will have a field day trying to
                                            win this series by himself.

Hawks vs. Bucks

Brandon Jennings vs. Mike Bibby. The Bucks’ rookie point guard proved beyond any doubt that he was ready for the NBA stage. There’s no reason to think he’ll shrink from the playoff spotlight – especially if Bibby has to defend him for long stretches.

Heat vs. Celtics

Dwyane Wade vs. Ray Allen. As is usually the case, the shooting guard matchup is Miami’s advantage. But in this case, it works at both ends of the floor. If Allen takes a beating against Wade on the defensive end, how will his legs hold up when sizing up crucial 3-pointers on the other end? For that reason, look for Paul Pierce to get plenty of Wade duty, with Allen
                                            switching off to Quentin Richardson, who does all his damage standing beyond the 3-point

Western Conference

Lakers vs. Thunder

Ron Artest vs. Kevin Durant. Losing 14 pounds during the season, Artest is much quicker on his feet than he was early on. He has the strength to frustrate Durant, but still doesn't have the quickness to guard him the entire game; Kobe Bryant will have to take him on for stretches.

Mavericks vs. Spurs

Shawn Marion vs. Spurs wings. Marion's versatility on the defensive end will give Rick Carlisle the option of putting him on whoever is hurting the Mavs with dribble-penetration -- whether it's Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili or Richard Jefferson.

Suns vs. Trail Blazers

Steve Nash vs. Andre Miller. The Suns go as Nash goes, and Miller doesn't have the quickness to guard him alone. How much space Nash can find for himself will dictate the tempo of the series.

Nuggets vs. Jazz

Nuggets bench vs. Jazz bench. This could be the deciding factor in the series. If J.R. Smith shoots it well and plays smart (for him), the Nuggets could have a big edge along with Chris "Birdman" Andersen and speedy point guard Ty Lawson.

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