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NBA Rewind: Hot Shots / Cold Shots

Sure, basketball is a team game... but individual performances can still spell the difference between playoff success and failure. In this feature, we take a look at the players who made the biggest impact, good or bad, on the day's results. Which player made the most efficient use of his offensive touches to help his team win the game? Which player's misses cost his team a shot at victory?

Here's what we've got...

Let us know how we did. Did we choose the right guys? Who would you add or subtract?

HOT SHOT - Jason Richardson

28 Points

Field Goal Selection
Layups: 4-4
Jumpers: 6-11
Dunks: 0-0
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 10-16
3FG: 5-8
FT: 3-3

COLD SHOT - Jason Terry

2 Points

Field Goal Selection
Layups: 0-2
Jumpers: 1-5
Dunks: 0-0
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 1-7
3FG: 0-2
FT: 0-0

COLD SHOT - Brandon Roy

14 Points

Field Goal Selection
Layups: 2-4
Jumpers: 2-12
Dunks: 0-0
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 4-16
3FG: 1-8
FT: 5-5

COLD SHOT - LaMarcus Aldridge

16 Points

Field Goal Selection
Layups: 0-1
Jumpers: 3-13
Dunks: 0-0
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 5-17
3FG: 0-1
FT: 6-8

COLD SHOT - Jason Kidd

3 Points

Field Goal Selection

Layups: 0-0
Jumpers: 1-6
Dunks: 0-0
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 1-6
3FG: 1-4
FT: 0-0
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Injury Update: Brandon Roy returns

Brandon Roy has The Rose Garden in a frenzy after entering the game with 4:06 left in the first quarter, and quickly converting on a layup. (GameTracker)

The Trail Blazers point guard, who suffered a torn meniscus in his knee late in the season, was initially expected to miss the playoffs completely. After surgery on April 16, however, doctors said the prognosis was better than initially expected. Recovery time was set around the two-week range, making this a very early return.

Phoenix leads the series, 2-1.

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Game Simulations: Sunday, April 18

2KSports.com has been nice enough to help us run the show, using full-length game simulations on NBA2K10.

Lakers vs. Thunder - Game 1

As expected, the Lakers get out to an early series lead with a 105-90 win over the Thunder. Kobe Bryant got the job done on both ends of the court, racking up 27 points and 6 steals. (He also kept his teammates involved, with 8 assists.)

Game Stats | Lakers Stats | Thunder Stats


Magic vs. Bobcats - Game 1

While Orlando couldn't find its range from beyond the arc, the Magic were able to strike from the charity stripe. Orlando players got to the line 14 times, sinking 12, en route to a 95-90 win over the Bobcats. Dwight Howard gets player of the game honors, with 32 points and 8 boards.

Game Stats | Magic Stats | Bobcats Stats



Mavericks vs. Spurs - Game 1

The Spurs pull off the upset in Game 1, shooting a lights-out 71 percent from the field. Tim Duncan led San Antonio to the 104-87 decision, dropping in 26 points and pulling down 9 rebounds. Tony Parker finished one assist short of a double-double.

Game Stats | Spurs Stats | Mavericks Stats



Suns vs. Trail Blazers - Game 1

Despite a down night from Steve Nash, the Suns were able to coast to a 114-91 trouncing of the Blazers. Portland struggled mightily without the injured Brandon Roy, and no Blazers player managed to eclipse the 20-point mark.

Suns Stats | Trail Blazers Stats

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